About Gordano Motorcycle Training

Passing you is our business


Gordano Motorcycle Training is a top class motorcycle training centre and is the sister of Get Cornering. GMTS.BIKE as it’s known in short, is delivering outstanding motorcycle lessons to new riders who recognise the difference between how they learn best, instead of being made to fit around how someone else wants them to learn.

Paul Dickinson, Director and Coach for Get Cornering and GMTS.BIKE, has substantial industry experience. His qualifications are evidence of his commitment to provide exceptional training for his clients and they exceed the industry standards. Paul holds a number of industry specific qualifications including the teaching qualification BTEC Advanced Award for Motorcycle Instructors, Edexcel Examination Board, passed in 2004 and a current RoSPA National Diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction – copies of his qualifications are available to see on request.


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