Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

Fantastic lessons to get you on the road with style and safety

“Learning to ride a motorcycle or a scooter is a lifestyle decision. And there’s nothing more exciting than getting through your Compulsory Basic Training course and taking to the roads for the first time. Even more exciting is getting through the tests so you can throw away the L plates.

Here at Gordano Motorcycle Training we just love riding bikes. We love the freedom, the fun, and the camaraderie between bikers, all the different events and all the different types of bikes. The holidays, the touring. The joy is endless. The running costs are pretty good too! This is the motorcycle training centre to begin motorcycling.

Our teaching and coaching at gmts.bike follows established learning principles and we won’t be deflected from providing outstanding training to our clients to make up the numbers. Our courses are run in the proven and best method known as client centred learning”.

After you’ve passed your tests go here.


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