Riding Assessment


“… Many people say they enjoy riding a bike because it gives them a strong sense of freedom – but it is even more satisfying when you know you have the necessary competences to keep yourself safe …” Motorcycle Roadcraft

An assessment usually lasts for 90 minutes or so over mixed riding conditions to give Paul a chance to assess your riding strengths and abilities and then advise you of where you might wish to concentrate on developing your skills further. It will give you an opportunity to experience Paul’s friendly training style and get a feel for what Advanced Riding is all about.

If you are unsure of where your riding standard is, or what modules would be useful, this is a good place to start. It’s particularly useful if you are returning to riding after a long break. There is absolutely no obligation to continue on to any of the courses. Please note: You will need to bring your licence and also take an eyesight test on the day.

Advanced Motorcycle Training

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