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Knowing how much it will cost to get your full motorcycle licence starts here

Free Assessment: Our free assessment is available to you if you have a current CBT Certificate and is a chance for you to come along and meet us. The assessment will explore your current abilities and we’ll discuss the right way for you to progress to your full licence and beyond. If you then decide to book your course with us, we will make sure that a lesson plan for your skills is put into place so that your lessons and tests are carried out in complete safety.

There is no obligation to book with us. There are no gimmicks and no catches. Just a good, honest assessment of your riding and the best way to go about passing those tests! Give us a call now and get yourself booked in, a motorcycle and kit is supplied.

How much will it cost to pass my tests and get my motorcycle licence?

The burning question whenever we’re looking to get new skills is “how much will it all cost”? Well, typically, if you already have some riding experience the cost will be a little lower than if you’re brand new to riding. But, to help you get a handle on a budget you might need we’ve listed our regular training fees and the motorcycle test fees here:

• Theory test fee £23.00
• CBT course £155
• Module 1 course £262.50
• Module 1 test fee £15.50
• Module 2 training £37.50 per hour or £225 per day
• Module 2 test fee £75.00

We hope this helps. Please get in touch for more info.


1 - 2 tuition
  • Course time of 1 day. You can already ride a motorcycle or a scooter and have a full car licence. You have never attended a CBT course and are aged 17 – 70.


The best way to learn for brand new riders
  • Our New Rider course on a geared 125cc motorcycle. Age 17 – 70. No restriction on time to develop your skills and confidence. Days need not be consecutive.

1 -1 CBT course

2 day course
  • Our New Rider course on a geared 125cc motorcycle. Age 17 – 70. Unlimited 1-1 tuition. Undivided attention to enable you to develop the very best skills and safety. 

Refresher course

Fulfil your dreams
  • The ideal way to get back on the road and experience the fun and freedom of riding. Bike hire, off road handling and road riding included.

CBT 16 (Two days)

For all riders aged 16
  • Training limit of 2 days. Restricted to 50cc moped riders aged 16. You might be great at riding figures of 8 but riding in the traffic is not the same thing!

CBT Renewals

Scooters and geared 125cc motorcycles
  • Course time of 1 day. Age 17 – 70. This course caters for all riders who want to continue riding on L-plates. Suitable for riders of scooters or 125cc motorcycles.

Module 1 course

All preparation for Module 1
  • All preparation for your Module 1 test. Includes big bike upgrade. We guarantee a first time pass for you.

Module 2 course

Rate per day for lessons
  • All preparation for your Module 2 test. Full practice on test routes. Motorcycle and kit provided.

1 hour lesson

Book in blocks of 1 to 4 hours
  • All preparation for your tests. Pay-as-you-go lessons. Motorcycle and kit provided.


  • All lesson prices include free motorcycle hire
  • Our standard lesson price for tuition is £37.50 per hour
  • Our standard lesson price on a 1-1  basis is £49.50 per hour
  • There is a £2.50 per hour discount for booking a block of 24 hours
  • You will learn on the latest Honda and Yamaha motorcycles
  • Your safety on our motorcycles is vital so ours are maintained by authorised main dealers
  • We offer a free riding and course price assessment for any rider with a current CBT Certificate
  • Typically, a new rider will have between 12 and 30 hours tuition after CBT to obtain their full licence 
  • All riders gain higher levels of skills when they have the time and opportunity to process and reflect

Opening times: Monday – Friday 8.45am – 6.30pm. Alternate Saturdays 8.45am – 1.15pm
Lesson times:   AM starts 8.45 – 10.45 : 11.15 – 1.15 : PM starts 2.00 – 4.00 : 4.30 – 6.30

Important note re our CBT courses: As a brand new rider, irrespective of age or driving experience, it is not possible to book a one day CBT course with us. Compulsory Basic Training is very much a training course to which each and every individual responds differently. It is not a commodity and as such we have been trialling the course to run over two days since January 2015. The learning outcomes are seriously impressive and there is a 100% positive change in the skills, safety standards and enjoyment of each and every rider. Motorcycling is a safety critical activity and the time taken to develop skills at this stage of learning enhances your skills and safety significantly for the short and the long term.

Note re our CBT 16 course: The peak age group for being killed on a Powered Two Wheeler is 16-17. We also know that it’s very easy to buy a CBT course for peanuts and to be given a certificate to ride on the roads. Our course for 16 year olds is two days for a reason. Only then will the rider receive their certificate.

More info for you…

You will need to complete a CBT course and pass the Theory test before you can take the practical riding tests for either Modules 1 or 2. You can however prepare for your theory test and start training for your Module 1 and 2 tests once you have completed CBT. Unfortunately, you won’t be allowed to ride a big bike on the roads on your own until you have successfully completed all 4 parts to the full licence acquisition process: CBT, Theory, Module 1 off road handling test, Module 2 on road practical riding test.

We believe in transparency and fairness to ensure that you have the opportunity to properly assess the value of the tuition we offer compared to our competitors. We provide exceptional tuition and results with a comprehensive and thorough approach to ensure you are developing the right skills at genuinely the right pace for you.

There are choices here at Gordano Motorcycle Training as to how you go about paying for your tuition; you can choose to pay-as-you-go on a lesson by lesson basis or you can choose to pay for a block booking of lessons and receive a discount.

The bike pictured here is the BMW S1000R. This is a very typical motorbike and comes into the naked / sports category, a hugely popular sector. It is a similar bike to other machines that match the aspirations of many riders entering the market place. Motorcycles are fantastic and relatively speaking there are no slow ones, and of course we love them here at GMTS.BIKE, but it is so important to get proper and thorough training. ‘Sticky plaster’ training as we call it here is a quick fix to getting a licence and these rushed courses lack depth to develop your skills and safety. Take some time to think about who is going to teach you, who really cares about your riding apart from you. The S1000R goes from 0 – 100 mph in 5.54 seconds. That’s not a misprint, yes, 0 – 100 mph in 5.54 seconds with you on it! Be choosy!

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