Gordano Motorcycle Training - we do things differently


Get on the road
  • Course time of 1 day. To get the best out of your skills on this course you have probably got a little bit of experience. If not, try our two day CBT course instead.


The best way to learn for brand new riders
  • Perfect for brand new riders. Our New Rider course on a geared 125cc motorcycle. You’ll be riding around in no time! Time to develop your skills and confidence. 

Renewal CBT course

1 day course
  • CBT course for all scooter or motorcycle riders either with a current CBT Certificate or with previous CBT experience. Why not go on to take your test instead?

CBT 16 (One day)

Fulfil your dreams
  • Training limit of 1 day. Restricted to 50cc moped riders aged 16. There’s a lot to learn for the roads but if you can already ride this course may be for you.

CBT 16 (Two days)

For all riders aged 16
  • Training limit of 2 days. Restricted to 50cc moped riders aged 16. You might be great at riding figures of 8 but riding in the traffic is not the same thing!

Back to Biking

Get riding again
  • Course time of 1 day. Age 17 – 70. This course caters for all riders looking to get back on a bike after a break, no matter how long ago or how ancient you may be!

Module 1 course

All preparation for Module 1
  • All preparation for your Module 1 test. Includes big bike upgrade. We guarantee a first time pass for you.

Module 2 course

Rate per day for lessons
  • All preparation for your Module 2 test. Full practice on test routes. Motorcycle and kit provided.

1 hour lesson

Book in blocks of 1 to 4 hours
  • All preparation for your tests. Pay-as-you-go lessons. Motorcycle and kit provided.

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