Get Cornering

The motorcycle you've been dreaming about is now around the corner


“Their confidence has risen, they’re not comfort braking so much, and they both look like they are in a lot more control of their bikes. They’ve also started to link the corners and it looks like they are on their way to getting cornering. Me too.” Simon Toyne, RiDE Magazine, feature article on Get Cornering

No matter your experience, whether you are new to riding or otherwise, there is a lot to be gained in confidence and skills from this on road cornering module. The day is tailored to your existing abilities and sets out to build on those and develop the right kind of confidence and safe motorcycle cornering skills for you.

During this module we will show you how the unique Get Cornering VPAC riding system works in practice. Vision, Positioning, Anticipation and Control are the cornerstones for your success in this area.

It’s important to note that this is very different to circuit or track day riding. The course is a great day out for any rider with a full motorcycle licence, zipping and nipping around the beautiful landscape of selected biking roads in the UK. As a fun day designed to enhance rider skills and personal safety, it specifically deals with the rider’s approach and ability to deal with all types of bends on public roads by using various drills with practice and feedback.

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