Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)


The first step to getting a licence to ride a motorcycle, scooter or moped is to take a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course. To take the course you need a provisional licence (if you are a car driver then your car licence usually includes provisional entitlement for a motorcycle or scooter). The syllabus is set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and is compulsory to complete for all riders – it is not a test. This course is delivered by DVSA approved motorcycle training schools and a certificate is issued to all riders who complete it.

Professional delivery of the course is critical to the safety of all riders both in the short term and the long term. Small mistakes overlooked during CBT can evolve into unsafe riding practices that may or may not lead to serious incidents later.

At Gordano Motorcycle Training we specialise in delivering the full syllabus as required by the DVSA in the wider Bristol area: all our riders can be confident they have received the very best tuition and the syllabus in full as expected by DVSA. In other words, you will be properly trained and coached at these vital early stages of your riding career, there is no corner cutting of standards to deliver the course at a reduced price or in a reduced amount of time.

The first two parts of our New Rider CBT course, Elements A & B, will now be delivered by evening class. One of the most challenging aspects in delivering the CBT course has always been the expectation by the public that it’s completed within a day. This expectation has been fed by the way the course has been delivered by many training schools up and down the country which is to suit themselves and not their riders. In turn it has led to low quality training which inevitably leads on to lower standards of riding in the short and long term.

We will not however, compromise the safety of our students for populist ways of delivering what is quite a complex course from our perspective. Even the DVSA manual for delivering CBT allows for each Element to be completed on different days for the very reasons mentioned.

The evening class will be on a Monday evening from 6pm to 8pm, except Bank Holidays. This has huge advantages to the riders’ skills and safety and makes it so that there’s a full day separately available for the practical riding Elements. We anticipate this will increase rider skills and safety and give a more relaxed and less pressured environment for everyone in all of the Elements of CBT.

You will have a chance to meet your instructor on the evening class and have time for questions about your course. You can then arrive at the daytime practical course both refreshed and better informed and may have even had time to buy some kit of your choice. The extra practical time for Elements C & E particularly will give our riders more confidence and will increase their skills and safety.

CBT renewals will take place during the day (as before), after all, the learning to ride process has already been completed. The aim for our renewals students is to enhance and advance their skills. Riders will be able to quickly demonstrate their knowledge of elements A and B and already have the skills to ride the machine. Costs including VAT will be £195 for a renewal and £250 for a new rider, which includes the evening class and a full day on the bike riding.

Please note: There will be an eyesight and driving licence check.

The core skills that you will develop are as follows:-

Covid 19
We no longer run groups and have a maximum of two riders on this course
in strict observance of DVSA and Public Health Guidelines for motorcycle training.

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